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Zene Malinski

Profile Updated: April 26, 2010
Zene Malinski
Class Year:
Where do you live now?
Liberty, MO USA
My son Joel, born 1993.
Stepson Josh, born 1985. Living at home working on his Doctrine in Science More…@ UMKC and student teaching for the collage.
Both great!
Zene Malinski


Yes! Attending Reunion
Where else have you lived?

Williston, North Dakota, Glendive, Montana, Rock Springs, Wyoming, Pine Valley, Ivins & St. George, Utah

Still have family around Duchesne?

Lana (sister) in Roosevelt, Utah

How often do you get back to Duchesne?

Once every few years till I moved to Missouri. Still need to get back to see some of my old friends. Miss you guys!

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Bret Brown, Jim Danialson, Jay Killough, Randy and Laura Harrison, Kelly and Cindi Cowan, Rod and Nancy Bird and a few others here and there!

What did you do right after high school?

What a fool!!!!!!!
I worked in the oilfield for a long time and then worked in construction in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. I moved to Southern Utah and helped my parents with their lodge guiding and cooking. Got married and back into consturction building roads, dams and subdivisions. City for 9 1/2 years working my way up to supervisor in two different departments.

What do you do now?

My wife was promoted and we where able to move anywhere in the US, except Utah or Hawaii and chose Missouri. My wife asked what I was planning on doing and told her that I was going to enjoy life and make a change and work at the Lowe's across the street from the motel we were at. So I'm a Department Manager for Lowe's now.

Married? To who? When? How long?

Korrie Henderson (5 years - separated for 2) Needed time to let her mess up more, so I could get custody of our son. Hard for man to get children in Utah...Had Joel sense he was 3 months old.
Korrie and I divorced over religious differences.
She thought she was God, and I didn't. Plus her fooling around!

Elaine Klaassassen (3 wonderful years so far!)



What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ride my motorcycle. Lots of history in this area to see. Had Brigham Young in jail here, Jame's Gang home close and first day time bank robbery and of course John Wayne's home just up in Iowa. This area is a melting pot of all cultures. The people are nice and everyone acually drives friendly around here! Don't ever see the your the #1 driver sign here. You turn on your blinker and they let you in! Boy, was I ever culture shocked when I got here! LOL

Work around the house. Love the acer we are on in town with mature trees, so lots of yard work and my own shop or man cave to work on things. Our culasac is one that no one knows about, so we have no traffic problems except getting out at times because people block our road. Working at Lowe's also gives me the opportunity make additons also to our home.

On line gaming. Great stress relief.

What's the farthest you've been from home?

Virgin Islands. Can't wait to go back!

What’s your favorite memory of Duchesne High?

Great friends! Miss you all....

Least favorite memory?

Nothing to do!
OK, I know we made our own fun and sometimes I wonder how we survived it!
Going to the lake to swim or party, was always the best!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

You think when you get out of school your done taking tests..........WRONG!!!!!! LOL

Quit smoking a long time ago on a dare!
Thanks Kelly..........I owe you one!!
One of the dumnist things I ever did was to start.

Anything else we should know?

You may think that you know what life has planned for you, but!!!!!!!

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